College of Mechanical Engineering

Brief Introduction

The history of the College of Mechanical Engineering of Guangxi University can be traced back to the establishment of the Department of Mechanical Engineering founded in 1993. The College was founded based on the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Guangxi University and the Department of Agricultural Engineering of Guangxi Agricultural University in 1997 when Guangxi University and Guangxi Agricultural University merged to form the new Guangxi University.

The College consists of 7 departments: Mechanical Manufacture Engineering, Mechanical Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Design, Vehicle Engineering, Agricultural Machinery Engineering, Industrial Design, and Logistics Engineering. And it offers 7 undergraduate programs in Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Vehicle Engineering, Thermal Energy and Power Engineering, Agricultural Mechanization and Automation, Traffic and Transportation, Logistics Engineering, and Industrial Design. Besides, the College also possesses 9 postgraduate programs in Mechanical Engineering (first-level discipline), Power Engineering and Thermal Physics (first-level discipline), Mechanical Manufacture and Automation, Mechantronic Engineering, Mechanical Design and Theory, Power Machinery and Engineering, Agricultural Mechanization and Engineering, Materials Processing Engineering, and Vehicle Engineering; and 4 professional master programs in Mechanical Engineering, Power Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, and Logistics Engineering.

The College has one national experimental teaching demonstration center of mechanical engineering, one Guangxi key laboratory and a Guangxi talent highland. It also possesses an engineering practice and training center and two experimental platforms of public elementary courses. It has already established 5 experimental and practicing platforms for students in Guangxi University in terms of mechanical majors or other related majors which are Mechanical engineering practice and training platform, basic mechanical education platform, modern manufacturing engineering experimental education platform, mechanical and electronic technology experiment education platform, and students’ practice and innovation platform.

At present, the College has 1622 undergraduate students and 237 postgraduate students. So far, it has cultivated more than 15,000 high-level engineers and management personnel.


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There are altogether 135 faculty members, including 98 full-time teachers (31 teachers with doctorates and 2 Ten, Hundred and Thousand Talent Project of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region recipients) and 9 administrative staffs and other personnel, among which there are 22 professors, 38 associate professors, 9 senior engineers and senior technicians, 30 lecturers and 15 engineers and experimentalists. There are 3 doctoral supervisors and 51 master’s supervisors. In the meantime, the College has invited more than 20 renowned domestic and foreign scholars and experts to serve as visiting professors or adjunct professors. In addition, there are 40 staffs in Engineering Practice and Training Center of Guangxi University affiliated to the College.


Academic Leader

Dr. Cai Ganwei (1961-present), professor and doctoral supervisor, is the Dean of College of Mechanical Engineering and also the academic leader of mechanical engineering in Guangxi University.

He has many posts in a variety of organizations such as the Deputy Director of the Academic Committee of Guangxi Key Laboratory of Manufacturing System & Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Vice President of the Chinese Society for Mechanical Dynamics, Vice President of Guangxi Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Vice President of Guangxi Mechanical Engineering Society, council  member of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, member of Intelligent Manufacturing Committee of Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence, Managing Editor of Journal of Vibration Measurement &Diagnosis, Deputy Director of the Editorial Board of Equipment Manufacturing Technology, member of Guangxi Natural Science Foundation, Director of National Association of Mechanical Principles of Teaching and Research and Director of National Association of Mechanical Design of Teaching and Research.

Dr. Cai graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology with a Doctor’s degree of engineering in March 1998. Then he conducted his post-doctoral research at Central South University for two years. From November 2009 to May 2010, he was a visiting scholar at King's College London. From 2001 to 2003, he worked at School of Mechanical Science and Engineering in Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Since September 2003, he has worked at the College of Mechanical Engineering of Guangxi University.

He was awarded professorship in July 2000 and doctoral supervisor in June 2002. In 2002, he was selected for the Hubei New Century High-level Talents Project. In 2003, he was one of the candidates in the second level of “Ten, Hundred and Thousand Talent” Project of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. In 2010, he was awarded the title of Bagui Scholar.

Dr. Cai has undertaken 6 key and general programs of National Natural Science Foundation of China, 3 of which he was in charge. He has published more than 120 papers in international and domestic academic journals and academic conferences, of which more than 60 papers are included in SCI and EI. Dr. Cai has obtained and applied for more than 80 invention patents.


International Students

The College offers undergraduate, graduate and short-term training programs to overseas students. Details of admission and application are included in the related information and regulation of International Exchange Office of Guangxi University.



Admission Procedures

See the details of admission procedures of Guangxi University


Student Management

Sticking to its strict teaching, the College of Mechanical Engineering not only strengthens the imparting and training of students’ basic theoretical knowledge and their scientific research ability, but attaches importance to students’ overall quality cultivation, such as innovation and social adaptation ability. The College has many high-quality graduates whose employment rate and employment quality maintain at a high level. In recent five years, the College postgraduates have undertaken 35 innovative projects and a number of their theses were awarded with “excellent theses” of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. They also get more than 10 invention patents and over 30 patents of utility model.



Adhering to the spirit of “forging ahead together, teaching strictly, studying assiduously and pursuing truth with innovation”, the College actively carries out research and technological development. It has a high-level research team, sophisticated research facilities and laboratories and a national experimental teaching demonstration center for Mechanical Engineering. Its Mechanical Engineering program is one of the Zhuang Autonomous Region’s key disciplinary fields. It also has a key laboratory of provincial level and a talent highland of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It possesses an advanced machine manufacturing laboratory, a mechantronic engineering laboratory, a machine foundation laboratory, a thermal engine and power machinery engineering laboratory, a communication & transportation laboratory, an agricultural mechanization engineering laboratory, a logistics engineering laboratory and an industrial design laboratory.

To meet the needs of economic development and academic construction, the College actively carries out scientific researches. Its research team is high-leveled with personnel of appropriate ages and job titles. It also has sophisticated scientific research and experimental facilities. In the recent five years, it has undertaken 16 national level projects, over 50 provincial level projects and over 110 transverse projects. More than 700 papers are published, over 100 of which are included in SCI, ET and ISTP. The College has gained 5 provincial scientific research awards, over 10 invention patents and over 30 utility invention patents. Every year its scientific research fund nearly reaches 10 million yuan.



Lin Guoqiang (1982 graduate), former Vice Chairman of CPPCC Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Committee.


Yang Changji, born in Zhejiang province, former Deputy Mayor of Liuzhou; former Deputy Mayor of Nanning; former mayor of Beihai; former Secretary-General of Guangxi People’s Government; former member of the standing committee of CPC Guangxi Committee.


Dr. Mao Hanling (1986 graduate), Yao ethnic group, born in Gongcheng County of Guangxi,. He is now the Vice President of Guangxi University and a professor who focuses on the teaching and research of mechanical vibration, condition monitoring, fault diagnosis, development of electromechanical products, etc.


Liang Zhaoxin (1993 graduate), founder of Herosoft Superplayer, and, president of Herosoft.



Since 2008, students have been awarded 6 national first prizes, 5 national second prizes and 8 national third prizes of Science &Technology Innovation Contest in terms of mechanism; students also have won 8 provincial first prizes, 11 provincial second prizes and 17 provincial third prizes.

In September 2009, our students won the Silver Awards of "Challenge Cup" of National College Student Business Plan Competition.

The College was awarded as the “outstanding organization” of education activities for college students in Guangxi with the theme of “Party in my heart” from 2008 to 2010.

The College ranked the third in Guangxi University Sports Meeting in 2011. Students won the first prize in men's team table tennis, the third prize in women’s team table tennis and the second prize in men's basketball.