College of Physical Education


Brief Introduction

College of Physical Education was established in April 2011 on the basis of Department of Physical Education which was founded in April 1997 through combining Guangxi University and Guangxi Agricultural University’s Departments of Physical Education.

There are two departments in the college: Department of Public Sports and Department of Social Sports, of which the former takes charge of the whole university's public sports teaching, trainings of sports teams and group work while the latter offers one undergraduate program: Social Sports.

At present, it has three teaching and research offices, namely social physical education teaching and research office, comprehensive teaching and research office and ball games teaching and research office, and 16 teaching clubs including basketball club, badminton club, aerobics club and swimming club. The college has excellent teaching conditions and various kinds of stadiums and facilities, with its sports field covering a total area of 126,386.3 square meters, which can provide a favorable condition for faculty and students’ physical exercises and education.


Facts & Figures





Currently, the college has 77 faculty members, of which 67 are full-time teachers, 34 are professors and associate professors, and 1 was awarded “Outstanding Communist Party Member” during Guangzhou Asian Games. 9 teachers are granted with national referee qualifications and they serve in many international and domestic competitions of various levels for several times.

There are 21 administrative staffs (most are part-time posts) who take charge of administrative affairs and daily teaching and keep the college running so as to better manage and serve teaching. At present, it has 30 undergraduates.



Introduction to Academic leaders of the College

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Professor Xu Mingrong

Born in 1957, M.A

Dean of College of Physical Education

Vice President of Guangxi Institute of Physical Education

President of Guangxi College Sports Branch


Professor Xu Mingrong has been in charge of one Education Department project and participated in five provincial key and general research projects, of which the Research on Implement of Inside and Outside-class Integrative Pattern of Club System in Physical Education Courses of Guangxi University” project hosted by him is listed as the key project of the 10th Five-year Plan for education and science in Guangxi and awarded the second prize for outstanding achievement of science education in Guangxi. He has published more than ten research and academic papers, eight included in sports core periodicals. He is the editor of three textbooks including College Physical Education and Health. Long engaged in public sports teaching and management, Professor Xu, familiar with the work of sports in Guangxi colleges and universities, has great influence in public physical education with his accurate grasp of the trends and directions on the reform.


Professor Wang Anxiang

Born in 1958, B.A.

Vice Dean of College of Physical Education


Professor Wang Anxiang is in charge of teaching and sports competitions of the College. He teaches college PE classes, aerobics classes and gymnastic classes as well as served as the coach for the university’s calisthenics team, winning “Outstanding Coach” award in the National Aerobic Championships for College Students for five consecutive years. He has taken charge of and participated in three provincial key and general research projects, of which “Research of Implement of Inside and Outside-class Integrative Pattern of Club System in Physical Education Courses of Guangxi University” project is listed as the key project of the Fifth-year Plan for education and science in Guangxi and awarded the second prize for outstanding achievement of science education in Guangxi. He has published more than ten research and academic papers, six included in core journals. And he is the editor of two textbooks including College Physical Education and Health and coauthored one monograph.


Professor Li Zhiqing

Born in 1961, Ph.D.

Assistant to the Dean of College of Physical Education


Professor Li Zhiqing is the academic leader in Sports Humanistic Sociology, one of the key disciplines in Guangxi colleges and universities with influential achievements in minority sports research in the country. In 2004, he was in charge of the Shanghai Social Science Fund Youth Project. In 2006, he was responsible for the National Social Science Fund Project, making a zero breakthrough in Guangxi Sports National Social Science Fund Project. He has published 5 papers in China Sport Science, a Chinese authoritative sports journal, 6 papers in Chinese Journal of Sports Medicine and over 60 papers in other academic journals, of which more than 50 papers are included in the core journals. Leading experts in the country consider his achievements as “having theoretical value of opening new horizons for the future of minority sports research” and “reaching the advanced level of similar research” (reviews given by his doctoral dissertation committee). His series of papers, “Existence and Significance of Ritual Ethnic Sports in Rural Society” won second prize for outstanding achievements in Guangxi Social Sciences. His scholarly book Native Chinese Ritual of Minority Sports -Northern Dong Snatching Fireworks Case Study is widely praised by scholars from the mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the United States. In 2011, he won first prize for outstanding achievements in Guilin Social Sciences.


Professor Jiang Ling

Born in 1966, Ph.D.


Professor Jiang Ling is now in charge of teaching affairs and scientific researches. During her 25-year teaching career, she focused on public sports training including track and field, swimming and aerobics and teaching work in the field of Sports Humanistic Sociology courses such as sports management, sport industry generality, and sport industry economics. She is also dedicated to physical education teaching reform and scientific researches and has achieved some good results. She has been in charge of 6 projects of social and educational science and taken part in 7 research projects. She has published 39 academic papers, including 16 papers in core journals and been in charge of compiling 2 textbooks. As an organizer and a participant in terms of academic activities in Guangxi, she has won 2 second prizes for outstanding achievements in science, 1 third prize for teaching achievements, 1 second prize for advances in science and technology and 11 first and second prizes for domestic and oversea thesis public lectures. She has made some achievements in the field of sport industry, teaching reform and health education of sport and formed her own research feature with the combination of “teaching and scientific research” and “theory and practice”.


Professor Huang Mei

Born in 1960, B.A.


Professor Huang Mei is now in charge of the Physiques & Shapes club and training of the university aerobics team and cheering squads. She is also vice-chairman of Guangxi Aerobic Association, deputy director of Competition Committee of China Sports Aerobics Association and Rhythmic Gymnastics Association. She is also the permanent secretary of Guangxi Secretariat of China Sports Aerobics Association and Rhythmic Gymnastics Association. She has now published over 10 papers in national core journals and provincial academic journals. As a coach of the aerobics team and cheering squad of Guangxi University, she has led her team members to win over 10 golden medals in tournaments of National College Students Aerobics and Cheering Leading. The team ranges within top 3 in tournaments under her leadership for many years, which won glory for our university.


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Postgraduate Management




Postgraduate Programs


Cultivation and Management



In recent years, the College has achieved great development in teaching and scientific researches. In terms of public PE, the College has set up a inside and outside-class integrated teaching model. The College has established 16 teaching clubs, such as basketball club, badminton club, sports aerobics club, swimming club, orienteering club, taekwondo club, yoga club, which are of distinctive teaching features. In terms of scientific researches, the College has published 2 works, 3 textbooks, and over 80 academic papers (nearly 30 on core journals). The College also carried out 11 academic projects in Guangxi University and Guangxi.


At present, there is one undergraduate program in the College: Social Sports. According to the prospect of the regional sports development and features of the university, the program cultivates high-quality talents who meet the needs of social development for sports education, sports marketing, sports management and sports researches. And graduates will mainly work for sports administrative departments, enterprises and institutions, sports clubs, sports industry, streets and communities, stadiums and fitness centers.


The professional training orientation of Social Sports program takes geographical features of Guangxi and ASEAN and advantages of the comprehensive university into consideration. Adhering to sharing resources, highlighting features and strengthening quality, the program cooperates with relevant colleges and cultivates practical and comprehensive talents to meet the needs of the development of socialization and industrialization of sports so as to work at fitness centers, clubs and related fields to provide skills guidance, scientific fitness consulting, and organize, manage and develop public leisure sports activities.





The sports teams have made remarkable achievements in competitions. Since 2006, they have won 15 first places, 12 second places, 4 third places, 4 fourth places, 7 fifth places, 8 sixth places and 2 seventh places in domestic championships.

Besides, the aerobics team of Guangxi University participated in ICU World Cheerleading Championships in Orlando on behalf of China for many times and won the 4th place in open group.

In the past ten CUBA tournaments, the men’s basketball team entered the final round four times and the women’s basketball team entered twice.