Business School

Brief Introduction

Business School was established in 1997, with Guangxi University Economic Department founded in 1937 as its forerunner.

Advanced laboratories and facilities for teaching and scientific research are available here. The Economics and Management Experiment Center was awarded as “Construction Unit of the National Center for Experimental Teaching Demonstration” by the Ministry of Education and became the sole National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Economics and Management in Guangxi province in 2008. The Experimental Center occupies an experimental area of 2,000 m2 and owns instruments and equipments with a total value of ¥12.26 million.

The office building of Business School covers an area of more than 10,000 m2. It is equipped with a reference room and a periodicals reading room, with more than 30,000 books, 200 periodicals from home and abroad and 1,000-odd CDs of e-books & references in them.

Up to now, 10,388 students are studying at Business School now, including 509 postgraduate students, 806 students for MBA degree, 2,541 undergraduate students and others. Besides, there are about 300 international students for a master's or bachelor's degree from 10 other countries, such as Vietnam, Laos, South Korea and Cambodia.

Facts & Figures



Organizational Structure


Business School of Guangxi University




Teaching Auxiliary 

School Office

Department of Economics

Institute of Economic Development

Economy and Management Experiment Center

Teaching Office

Department of International Economy &Trade

Institute of Sugar Industry

International Business Lab

Office of Student Affairs

Department of Public Finance & Banking

Marxist Economics Center

Public Finance & Banking Lab

Office of Postgraduate Affairs

Department of Business Administration

Institute of Talent & Human Resource

Business Administration Lab

MBA Education Center

Department of

Finance & Accounting

Institute of Tourism

Finance & Accounting Lab

EMBA Education Center

Department of Agricultural Economy Management

SMEs Center 

Tourism Management Lab

Office of Continuing Education

Department of Business Information Management

Finance and Economics Center

E-Business Lab

Training Center

Department of Tourism Management

Institute of Agricultural Economics and Management

Statistical Analysis Lab

Office of Alumni Union


International Business Centre

Management Science Lab



Diagnosis and Plan Center for One Enterprise of the Contracting Party

Information Management Lab



Institute of Low-carbon Economy

ERP Sand Table Lab



Institute of Financial Management

Research Innovation Lab




Teaching Resource Center




China-ASEAN Electronic Information Center

(Teaching Auxiliary includes reference room and periodicals reading room)





Graduate Education

Doctor Degree

First-category discipline:

applied economics

National Economics

Regional Economics

Public Finance


Industrial Economics

International Trade

Labor Economics

Quantitative Economics


National Defense Economics

Research Master Degree


First-category disciplines:

applied economics


Enterprise Management

Tourism Management


Technology Economy Management

First-category disciplines:

science of business administration

International Trade

National Economics

Industrial Economics

Regional Economics



Labor Economics

Quantitative Economics

Political Economics

Agricultural Economic


Professional Master Degree




Master of On-the-job Teacher of

Institution of Higher Education

Master of Finance

Master of Insurance

Master of Tourism

Master of International Business

Undergraduate Education

General Undergraduate




International Economy and Trade


Public Finance

Business Administration

Business Administration



Financial Management

Tourism Management

Agricultural Economic Management

Agricultural Economic Management

The Second Major

Business Administration


International Economy and Trade





Business School has recruited a group of 174 faculty members, including 152 full-time teachers, of which 42 are full professors, 76 are associate professors, 49 are doctoral degree holders, 10 doctor students and 31 are master degree holders. Besides, our school has also invited 96 long-term visiting professors, including well-known scholars from other universities, senior researchers from research institutes in Guangxi province, government officials and enterprises senior managers. The School boasts 5 teachers enjoying the Government Special Allowance, 2 teachers selected in the Excellent Talent Supporting Plan of the Ministry of Education, 1 distinguished expert of Guangxi province, 5 candidates listed in the Project for New Century Excellent Talents of the Ministry of Education.


Li Xinguang

Professor of International Economy and Trade Department

Master’s supervisor of Guangxi University Business School (Direction of Economic Cooperation on International Trade and Direction of Marxist Economics Development and Application)

Deputy Director of Marxist Economics Research Center of Guangxi University

Cooperative Doctoral supervisor on International Trade of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law

Council member of China Association for International Trade

Council member of China Association for International Economic Cooperation

Deputy Director of Education Committee of China Ecological Economics Society
Council member of China Economic Laws Research Society

Presidium members of Southwest Marxist Forum
Deputy Director of Guangxi Comparative Economics Association
Deputy Director of Guangxi Human Development Economics Association

Research Interests:

International Industrial Economy

Regional Economic Integration

Comparison on Economic System and Development

Sustainable Economic Development and Ecological Civilization

Research Activities and Achievements:
Professor Li has in charge of or participated in various projects, including:

One project on management discipline of the National Natural Science Foundation; one project of the National Social Science Foundation; participation in a Humanities and Social Science Planning Project of the Ministry of Education


Professor Li has published more than 140 theses, including the following representative works:
Rational Thinking: Exploration and Development of the International trade theory
Basic Research on Chinese-style Comparative Economics
Hazard and Management of Industrial Development
Sustainable Development of Regional Economy
"New way" of International Industrial transfer and China’s Industrialization
The Economic Interaction and Industrial Docking of the Regional Economic Integration

Awards & Honors

Hired as an expert enjoying the special allowance of the State Council on Dec.12, 1995   

Honored as a member of “Guangxi Colleges Scientific and Technological Talents” in its first session in 2009


Yang Kesi

Professor of Economics Department

Master’s supervisor

Research Interests:

Market Economy Theory

National Economic Management

Microeconomic Operation

Research Activities and Achievements:

Professor Yang has in charge of or participated in 30-plus national or regional research projects, including:

Key national research project on Social Science of “China national conditions: Economic and Social Survey of 100 counties and cities”

One National Social Science Foundation Project of “China - ASEAN Free Trade Area and China Strategy”
“New Century Higher Education Teaching Reform Project” of the Ministry of Education: “Research and Practice on the Talent Training Mode Reform and Quality Assurance of Economics Major in Ethnic Minority Areas”

Key research project of Guangxi government: “Regional Economic Development of Qinzhou Bay”

"New Century Guangxi Higher Education Reform project" of Guangxi

Selected Publications

Professor Yang has published more than 50 academic papers like:

Deng Xiaoping's Economic Thought and Socialist Market Economy

From Socialist Planned Commodity Economy to Socialist Market Economy
He has also written or editor many other published works as follows:

Process of China - ASEAN Free Trade Area and China Strategy
Edited or co-edited over 10 teaching materials and books

Behavioral constraints: International Trade Policy and Regulations

Socialist Market Economics

Political Economy Course

Principles of Political Economy

China - ASEAN Economic and Management Issues Research Series

Awards & Honors

First prize of Guangxi Excellent Teaching Achievement

Two second prizes and second third prizes of Guangxi Social Science Excellent Achievement


Liang Gefu

Professor of Business Administration Department

Leader of Business Administration Major Teacher’s Group and MBA Supervisor Group

Former Director of Guangxi University MBA Center

Member of the Central Economic Committee of the China Democratic National Construction Association

Executive Director of Value Engineering Major Committee of China's Colleges and Universities

Leader of the Social Science Group in the “100 Expert group” of Guangxi Party Committee United Front Work Department

Vice Director of Guangxi Value Engineering Research Institute,

Director of Guangxi Entrepreneurs (enterprise management) Association 

Deputy Director of the Guangxi University Institute of Economic Research

Government consultant, part-time professor and enterprise independent director 

Research Interests:

Enterprise diagnosis and consulting

New and high technology industries

Value projects


Published over 80 books

Research Activities and Achievements:

Hosted 3 National Natural Science Fund projects

Hosted 10 Provincial Projects

Hosted over 60 enterprise diagnosis projects

Awards & Honors

Awarded over 10 various honors

National Utility Model Patent

3rd in Guangxi Social Science Awards


Yan Shiping

Professor of Business Administration Department

Master’s supervisor

Academic Leader in Business Administration Major

Dean of Guangxi University Business School

Director of Guangxi University’s Center for Economy and Management Experiment (national-level)

Deputy Director of MBA Instruction Committee of Institutions of Higher Education, China Ministry of Education

Professor at Sun Yat-sen University Centre for the Study of Chinese and Foreign Management

Research Interests

Enterprise human resources development and management

Enterprise culture


Authored 2 academic works

Co-authored 3 academic works

More than 50 Published academic papers.

Research Activities and Achievements

Hosted (or participated in) over 30 national, provincial, department level research projects

Awards & Honors

Three provincial scientific research achievements

One National MBA Education Management Outstanding Contribution Award by China Ministry of Education

Guangxi University Teaching Master

Dr. Li Peng

Professor of Department of Business Administration

Vice-dean of Business School

First Professor of Human Resources Management in Guangxi University

Vice-president of Guangxi Regional and Urban Economy Research Institute

(One of the first) Signatory Theoretical Expert of Nanning (Resource Management)

Research Interests:

Regional and Urban Economic Development

Industrial Economy

Enterprise Development and Human Resource Management

Research Activities and Achievements:

Hosted Four National Projects:

National Natural Science Foundation project, National Social Science of Foundation project (sub-project), Key Research Project on Philosophy and Social Science of the Ministry of Education (sub-project)

Participated in Six Projects:

National Social Science Foundation project, National Natural Science Foundation Project, Planned Project of Ministry of Education;

Managed 28 Crosswise Provincial Projects, and Government or Enterprises Committed projects for problem solving


Published 118 works

38 Research Reports for Consultation and Design of Enterprises and Local Government

Awards & Honors:

1 project won the “Excellent” in National Social Science Foundation Project

1 third prize for Ann Tse-kai International Trade Research Award

1 second prize and two third prizes for Outstanding Achievement of Social Science in Guangxi

1 first prize for Excellent Paper of Guangxi Management Science Annual Conference

1 first prize for Academic Paper Contest of Guangxi Human Resource Management Seminar

10 awards for other outstanding achievement of seminars and governments in different levels


Dr. Lu Shanyong

Professor with Ph.D. on Economics from Renmin University of China

Master’s supervisor and supervisor of EMBA students and MBA students (team leader of supervisors group for strategic direction)

Vice Dean of Business School

Member of China International Trade Association

Vice Chairman of Guangxi Real Estate Research Institute

Research Interests:

Economic development strategy

Enterprise strategy

Research Activities and Achievements:

In charge of one National Social Science Foundation Project

In charge of 10 Provincial and Ministerial-level Projects


One monograph

Ten compiled writings

More than 60 academic papers published in leading journals

Awards & Honors

First prize by the China Association of International Trade

One 2nd prize of Guangxi Scientific and Technological Progress Award

Two 2nd prize of Guangxi Social Science Research Achievements Award

Four 3rdprize of Guangxi Social Science Research Achievements Award

Award of Guangxi Excellent Teaching Material for Higher Education

One 2nd prize of college-level research achievement award

Two third prize of college-level research achievement award


Dr. Fan Zuojun

Professor with Ph.D. on Economics

Head of Fiscal Finance Department

Master’s supervisor on Economics

Supervisor for MBA

Team leader of supervisors group for Professional Master Students in Finance

Member of the Standing Committee of Guangxi Youth Federation

Member of the Academic Committee of Guangxi University

Director of the Academic Committee, Guangxi Financial Institute

Member of Post-doctoral Research Center, Central University of Finance and Economics

Deputy Director of Finance Research Center, Guangxi University

Chief Expert of Philosophy and Social Science Significant Research Program of Ministry of Education

Courses for undergraduates and postgraduates:

Financial Analysis and Decision-making, Finance Research, Theory and Practice of Fiscal Policy Project, Corporate Finance, Corporate Financing, International Finance Research, State-owned Asset Management, Monetary Banking, Financial Markets, Financial Analysis, Regional Financial Theory and Practice

Research Interests:

Regional Development and Fiscal Financial Support, China-ASEAN Free Trade Area

Pan-Beibu Gulf Regional Financial Cooperation

Company Development Strategy and Investment Planning

Research Activities and Achievements:

Managing a project of Philosophy and Social Science Significant Programme of Ministry of Education

Directing a project of Social Science Foundation of China

In charge of a sub-project of National Social Sciences Foundation Programme

In charge of a project of Planned Foundation of Ministry of Education

Managing a project of Special Post-doctor Science Research Foundation

Managing a project of First Grade Post-doctor Science Research Foundation

Directing 4 Provincial Projects (including a Teaching Reform Project)

Directing 6 Provincial and Ministerial projects

Directing 15 Prefectural Level Projects

Directing 16 Planned Horizontal Research Projects

Directing 2 National Social Science Fund Projects


Publishing 81 academic papers and books with many issued in leading journals such Management World, Economic Theory and Economic Management, International Finance Research and Economic Science.

Awards & Honors

One 1st prize of Provincial and Ministerial Level Outstanding Achievement Award

Three 2nd prize of Provincial and Ministerial Level Outstanding Achievement award

Four Third prize of Provincial and Ministerial Level Outstanding Achievement Award

Two 1st prize of College-level Outstanding Achievement Award

One 2nd prize of College-level Outstanding Achievement Award

Recipient of Guangxi Higher Education Backbone Teacher Training Program in 2008

Recipient of Guangxi Higher Education Talents Scheme in 2008

Winner of Guangxi May4 Youth Medal in 2008

Candidate of the Second Category of Guangxi New Century Ten, Hundred, and Thousand Talents Project in 2009

Candidate of National New Century Talent Scheme in 2010


Dr. Liang Yunwen

Professor with Ph.D. of Management

Master supervisor on Enterprise Administration, MBA and EMBA

Director of Department of Business Administration, Research Center for SMEs

Deputy Director of Economic and Management Experiment Center

Research Interests:

Enterprise Strategy

Industrial Competitiveness

Operation Management

Consumption and Investment Institutional Economics


More than 30 academic papers in leading learned periodicals on Economics

Academic monograph published by Economic Science Press

Research Activities and Achievements:

Hosted one project of National Natural Science Foundation of China

One Undergraduate Teaching Quality and Teaching Reform Project in Institution of Higher Education

One sub-project of Philosophy and Social Science Major Brainstorm Project of Ministry of Education

One Philosophy and Social Science Planned Project of Guangxi

One Undergraduate Teaching Quality and Teaching Reform Project in Institution of Higher Education in Guangxi

One New Century Higher Education Reform Planned Project of Guangxi

Awards & Honors

Award of “Excellent Teaching Quality” of Guangxi University

2nd Prize of Young Teachers Viewing and Teaching Competition

Award of “Advanced Individuals for Cultivating Talents by Teaching, Managing and Serving”

Award of “Model of Teachers”

3rd Prize of “Guangxi Social Science Excellent Achievement Prize”

Subsidized by the Excellent Talent Supporting Plan of Guangxi Colleges and Universities


Dr. Qin Wei

Professor with Ph.D. of Economics from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

Post-doctor from Peking University

Director of Research Institute of Economic Development of Guangxi University

Dean of Department of Economics of Business School in Guangxi University

Headman of Team of Master Supervisors on Political Economics

Professor in Charge of Economics

Master Supervisor on Political Economics; Industrial Economics; Finance; MBA (Logistics Management)

Research Interests

Industrial Organizational Theory and Practice

Macroeconomic Theory and Policy

Research Activities and Achievements:

Giving lessons on Western Economics, Industrial Economics and Management Economics to undergraduates and postgraduates

Member of Academic Committee of the China Association for Labor Studies

Vice-chairman of the 6th Guangxi Institute of Labor and Social Security

Manager of one project of National Natural Science Foundation of China

One Guangxi Philosophy and Social Science Planned Project; several crosswise projects

Participation in several other national and provincial projects


Several academic papers published in key journals, such as Economic Perspectives, On Economic Problems, Exploration and Theory and Reform

One academic monograph

Awards & Honors

3rd Prize of Excellent Papers of Guangxi Social Science Academic Annual Conference

2nd Prize of Guangxi Management Science Academic Annual Conference









International Students

Our college enrolls foreign undergraduate and graduate students, as well as those who want to get short-term training here.



Procedure of Enrollment

Please see details on our enrolment procedure


Academic Postgraduate Education

With 20 years’ efforts from the mid-1980s, the academic postgraduate education has made great progress and achievements. Now we have one first-level authorized discipline for PhD degree of Applied Economics; 10 second-level discipline for PhD degree (National Economics, Regional Economics, Finance, Banking, Industrial Economics, International Trade, Quantitative Economics, Labor Economics, Statistics, National Defense Economics); two first-level authorized disciplines for master degree, 16 second-level discipline programs, among which 12 have already started their enrollment), and three authorized disciplines of master degree for teachers in universities or colleges. Up to date, we have 128 supervisors for postgraduates and 508 full-time postgraduates, including almost 20 foreign students.


MBA Education

MBA (Master of Business Administration) aims at cultivating practical and high-level managerial personnel. The purposes of MBA Education in GXU are to enable students to learn systematically of macro- and micro-economics theories, advanced management theories, methods as well as experiences, and learn to coordinate the overall situation; to train students’ skills and abilities on enterprise operation ---proficient on planning and organizing, flexible direction and excellent control ability and to make them being versatile, innovative, high-level managing talents with the strong sense of social responsibility, entrepreneurship, and long-term strategic vision.

GXU is the first authorized university to provide MBA professional degree education in Guangxi. From 2001, it initiated its enrollment, and up to May 2011, it has enrolled 4497 students (including 2316 students of MBA postgraduate courses) ---2107 students and 2390 graduates.


EMBA Education

EMBA (Executive Master of Business Administration) provides master-level education for enterprise leaders, senior officials in economic and management department or candidates for senior leadership.

GXU is the first and the only university to provide EMBA education in Guangxi since the EMBA education qualification was authorized by the State Council Academic Degrees Committee Office and the Ministry of Education in June 2009. It started to recruit trainees in August 2009. By the end of April 2011, it has recruited two issues of more than 160 trainees, who were senior administrators coming from various industries and organizations, such as government agencies, state-owned enterprises, financing institutions, private enterprises and so on. Some of them are cadres at department level and deputy department level, presidents, department managers of state-owned or commercial banks, and chairmen or general managers from more than 10 industries, including transportation, energy, architecture, real estates, etc.

Adhering to the motto “Industry, Simplicity, Erudite for Innovation” of GXU, EMBA attaches great significance to the idea of “enjoy learning” and “live and learn”. It is dedicated to helping trainees improve their management ability, enrich their knowledge of economic management, form systematic thinking model, and establish connection among elites, so as to lay a solid foundation for greater success.

EMBA provides trainees a studying period that lasts more than 18 months and four classes per month together. After finishing all courses and passing the thesis defense, trainees will gain the diploma of EMBA conferred by GXU and recognized by the nation.



Since 1997,Business College has carried on more than 500 scientific research projects, among which include 37 national  and science found program & national social and science found programs,136 provincial projects, 141provincial awards, more than 50 monographs, more than 100 textbooks and 2800 papers. From 2006 to 2010, our college received one national social science major bidding projects, 16 national natural and science found programs, 12 national social and science found programs, two national soft science programs and eight humanities and social science subjects of Ministry of Education. The research funds sum to 16 million yuan.


During the 11th Five-Year Plan of China, Business College gained historical breakthroughs in two national-level subjects, which respectively filled the corresponding blanks of social science research in Guangxi:


In 2006, Professor Tang Wenlin received won the National Bidding Subject of Social Science Fund Projects—“Study on Industrial Policy Balance and Regional Division of Neighboring Provinces and Regions in CAFTA Establishment”(06&ZD036) . The project is the first national-level subject in Guangxi, with fund of 500,000 yuan.


In 2010, Professor Fan Zuojun won significant key project on philosophy and social science of the Ministry of Education—“Study on the Regional Economic Integration of China—ASEAN” (10JZD0022). The project is the first subject of Ministry of Education in Guangxi, with fund of 800,000 yuan.


And more importantly, both national-level projects are related to“China—ASEAN”,which defines the research directions for branch of learning of Business College. Also, the two projects demonstrate the advantages and distinguishing features of disciplines, forming the leading academic status for Business College studying “China—ASEAN”.




We have always attached great importance to the construction and upgrading of laboratories. Through three years’ development, the International Trade Simulated Laboratory, established in 1993, was rated as the first batch qualified laboratory by Guangxi Education Department in 1996.


The college initiated a large extension to our labs in 2001. This expansion project includes the updating equipments of the International Trade Simulated Lab, the newly created two labs, namely, Financial Simulated Lab and Business Management Simulated Lab, and a large number of Teaching Software (International Trade Practice, E-business, Financial Real-time Transactions, Accounting Computerization, Enterprise Competition Simulation System, Human Resources Evaluation, Project Feasibility Evaluation etc). In order to integrate and make better use of the experimental resources, the Economy and Management Experimental Center has been established on the base of the prior three labs.


In 2008, Economy and Management Experimental Center was firstly awarded as Provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center and later rated State Level Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, thus becoming the only State Level Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of liberal art in Guangxi.


The Experimental Center occupies an experimental occupancy area of 2,000 m2 and owns instruments and equipments with a total value of 12.26 million yuan. As a National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Economy and Management, it holds a leading position in China and provides excellent research and learning environment. More than 10000 students with various majors have the access to the teaching and research services.




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Experimental  Center

Innovation & Business Start-up


Comprehensive Experiment for Economics & Management

 Scientific Experiment for

 Economics & Management

  1. Undergraduate’s Innovative Program


  1. Postgraduate’s Innovative Program


  1. “Challenge Cup” Competition for Science and Technology Works


  1. GMC International Enterprise challenge Match


  1. National College Students Management & Decision-Making Simulation Contest


  1. College Students' Entrepreneurial Practice


7.Teachers' Scientific Research Experiment

1.Enterprise Management


2Simulation Experiment of Decision Making


3ERP Simulation Experiment


4.Import and Export Trade Simulation Laboratory


5.Financial Information Comprehensive Experiment


6.Accounting Information Integrated Experiment


7Financial Comprehensive


8.Financial Comprehensive Experiments

1.Econometrics Experiment


  1. Operations Research


  1. Management Information System Experiment


  1. Statistic Experiment


5.Organizational Behavior Experiment


6.Financial Engineering Experiment


7.Quantitative Economics Experiment





Degree programs:

College of Business owns one first-level PhD. Degree of Applied Economics (with 10 second-level disciplines), two first-level Master’s Degree of Applied Economics and Business Administration (with 14 second-level disciplines) and two second-level disciplines of Political Economics and Agricultural Economy Management. We also have two professional degree programs for MBA and EMBA as well as three master’s degree programs for university teachers, namely Political Economy, Finance and Tourism Management. There are 12 majors for full-time registering undergraduate (Business Administration, Marketing, Accounting, Financial Management, Agricultural and Forestry Economics and Management, Economics, Finance, International Business and Trade, Tourism, Human Resource Management, Land-resource Management) and 5 directions ( Marketing, Business Administration, Accounting, Tourism Management, International Trade) as the second majors.  Now, there are more than10000 internal students here, including almost 300 foreign students from 11 countries like Vietnam, Laos, South Korea and Cambodia.


Applied Economics program of GXU is the first first-level doctoral program of economics as well as the first first-level doctoral program of liberal arts of GXU. The Applied Economics consists of 10 second-level disciplines, namely, Finance, International Trade, Industrial Economics, Regional Economics, National Economic, Finance, Labor economics, Quantity Economic, Chinese-ASEAN Regional Development and Public Economic.


This discipline, with huge development potential, solid foundation and sound scientific research atmosphere, will further promote the process of the Guangxi University to be a comprehensive research and teaching university. It will not only provide intellectual support for the national strategies and local economy, but also effectively train the high-level personnel combining theory with practice. Besides, it will also promote Guangxi University continually maintaining its leading edge in the study of scientific development in border ethnic areas, regional revitalization, industrial transfer and economic structure optimization and upgrading of its fiscal and monetary policies associated with this support system, etc.


Student Activities

Our college focuses on the idea of putting development as the theme, innovation as the driving force, talents cultivation as the core and service to students as the purpose and work earnestly in undergraduate education and management to train high- quality and innovative qualified personnel. In addition, sound and scientific management system and mode is applied to improve students’ organization and cultivate student cadres.


Various academic activities based on our professional disciplines are spread, such as Talent show, New Year's Party, Dancing Party for Freshmen, College Sports Meeting, Speech Contests, Debates, Entrepreneurial Design Competition, Science and Technology Competition, DV photography contest, Paintings, Tour Guides Contest, Economics & Management Cultural Festival. These recreational and sports activities provide a rich extracurricular life for students and enable them to be specialized and versatile.


We carry on linking theory with practice and attach importance to students’ social responsibilities. During winter and summer holidays, students provide social service. They also get chances to practice as internship in well-known enterprises and combine what they learn at school with real work. In this way, students’ creativity, practical ability and entrepreneurial spirit get promoted, which will lay a solid foundation for them to step into the society.





On 28 April , 2010, EDUNIVERSAL, the authoritative ranking agencies for Business Colleges in Europe released Top 1000 Business Colleges in 2009 throughout the world in Cape Town, South Africa. Listed among and ranked fifth (15 placing) in Chinese Excellent Business Colleges with Regional Influence, Business College of GXU also ranked 28th in Top Business Colleges in China and won the prize of Two Palm Trees.