Introduction toXingjian College of Science and Liberal Arts

Brief Introduction

Guangxi University Xingjian College of Science and Liberal Arts,authorized by The People's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in April 2002, was established jointly by Guangxi University and Guangxi Xida Education Development Co., Ltd. and was affirmed by the state Ministry of Education as one of the first full-time undergraduate colleges (independent colleges). The total campus areais about 300 hectares,with 261,200 m2 of dormitory area. The school enjoys favorable environment for education with grand buildings,complete facilities with multi-functions and reasonable arrangement, and advanced equipments. The college owns sufficient education facilitiesand teaching instruments worth about 48,555,800yuan and boasts 595,189 paper-books,2,058,927 e-books,212 classrooms (120multimedia classrooms) with 12,886 fixed school desks and chairs and 800 movable school desks and chairs. There are 29 big labs wi !En area of 30000m2, with 160m2 of are innovation labs. Besides,20 practice bases outside the campus (including overseas bases) have been set upand dining halls for students are of 11,100m2, dormitories of 13,5400 m2, being able to meet the need of study, life, culture and other activities of tens of thousands of students.


Following the Party and the country's education policy, the College always adhere to the purpose of "people-centered, quality first" , aiming to cultivate talented students with all round development of morality,intelligence,physique,aesthetic ability,with a spirit of innovation and a sense of competition, owning high overall quality and a solid theoretical foundation, mastering wide knowledge, as well as strong practical ability.the College also cooperates with University of Brighton and Suan Dusit Rajabhat University in cultivating talents. In accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of Education on Setup and Management Approaches of Independent Colleges"(No.26 Order), Since April 2008, the Collegeconstantly improvescollege conditions andeducation quality and enhances the overall educational level.


The Collegeis among the top 100 of Chinese Independent Colleges, and was named the National Advanced Independent Institute in 2010, rated as one of the Excellent Private Higher Education Institutions in 2011, and one of the advanced institutions of the National Higher Education Student Status and Qualification Administration Managementin 2012.


Facts & Figures




The College now has six teaching departments, namely, the Department of Management, the Department of Humanities, the Department of Accounting, the Department of Science and Engineering as well as the International College. In order to gear itself up for the trend and needs of modern scientific and technological advancement and social and economic development in the 21st century, the college sets up its various majors in accordance with the actual conditions of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The college now has 38 programs for undergraduate students, as shown in following chart:






Civil engineering (constructional engineering direction)

Building electric and intelligence

Electronic science and technology

Computer science and technology

Digital media technology


Network engineering

Management science

Information management and system



Journalism of broadcast and television

Business administration

Financial management

Marketing management



Chinese language and literature

Chinese as a foreign language



The science of law

International economics and trade

Public service administration

Tourism management (International tourism management direction)

Property management

Applied psychology

Social work


Industrial design

Material formation and control (Mould direction)

Landscape Architecture (Landscape design direction)

Communication engineering


Electric engineering and automation

Artistic design

Fine Art education

Education of Arts




  • Tourism management (international tourism management) is one of the characteristic specialties of the college. Students of this major have gone to universities in Thailand to study or engage in internship. Students of this major possess strong practical abilities and innovation and creativity.



Our college employs professors, associate professors of Guangxi University teachersas the main teaching group and recruits “double-qualification teachers”withpractical experience and teaching ability from all walks of life,and at the same time actively introducesfull-time teachers with a master degree or higher toenrich the teaching team. Now, the college owns 791 staffs and workers,including546 full-time  teachers with employment term of more than one year,among which 219 are of junior professional title, 177 of senior professional titles with 31 being general senior professors. Besides, there are more than 20 international teachers,201 management staffs and 44 workers and service personnel.



Major academic leaders:

Liu Huizhen, Liang Yang, Xie Xiaoying, Yang Kesi, Yang Xin

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International Students

Overseas undergraduate and graduate students are welcomed for further study and short-term training in our college. For specific enrollment information, please check the relevant requirements of the International Exchange Center.




1. Research Projects increase year by year, and breakthroughs were seen in both approval quantity and level of projects applied in 2010 and 2011.




Provincial and Departmental Projects

GuangxiUniversity Scientific Research Fund Projects

College Scientific Research Fund Projects


















2. The quality of published theses improves. 49 theses was published in 2009, with 13 in Chinese core journals and 1 included by EI. 57 were Published in 2010, 4 of which was published in Chinese core journals and 6 in EI.


3. Academic works and textbooks compilationgain certain achievements. One academic work and one textbook were published in 2009, andthree books and 13textbooks in 2010.



Since 2005, the passing rate of the first-level certificate for National Computer Rank Examination ranked on the top among colleges and universities in Guangxi test area; award-winning projects on all levels of the university discipline contests are increasing year by year.


During 2008 to 2010, onethird prize of internationalcontest was gained, the number of wining the special awards, the first, second and third prize of national and regional contests being respectively 3,13,25 and 33.


Many students gained prizes in businessand technology competitions within and outside the provincesuch as winning the third place of "The first National UndergraduateEntrepreneurship Competition of Chinese Entrepreneurship Training Network ", the third prize of International Business Management Challenge, Chinesedivision, and the second place of the National "Freescale"Cup Smart Car Competition, South China division.


So far a total of 3, 944 students have graduatedand employment rate of each session exceeded 87%. Many graduates have becomethe backbone of enterprises and institutions.