Journal of Guangxi University

Brief Introduction to Journal of Guangxi University JCR Science Edition
Started publication in April 1976 and sponsored by Guangxi University, Journal of Guangxi University JCR Science Edition is a comprehensive academic journal. The incumbent director of Editorial Board is Professor Chen Baoshan. With the serial number of ISSN1001-7445, CN45-1071/N, the Journal is in goal distribution and quarterly publication. It mainly involves scientific papers and reviews and surveys of basic and applied science in different fields. Such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Light Industry, Metallurgy and etc. Characterized by comprehensiveness and academics, the journal is target for technical craft workers and teachers and students in science colleges.
Since starting publication, the journal has been won many awards in the provincial and national level.
Many world-famous retrieval publications have collected this journal, mainly including CA, MR, CMP, CMA (Chinese Mathematical Abstracts), CPA (Chinese Physics Abstracts) and so on. The journal also has become the publication source of CSTA, CCDOC, and Math Science and so on.