Application Terms and Procedures for Undergraduate Students

1. Materials
1)3 Application Forms(2 duplicated ones);
2)8 photos(Passport-size);
3) 3 copies of the level 4 or above HSK certificate for Humanity students and level 5 or above HSK certificate for Science Students. No   NSK certificate needed for the beginners who apply for the undergraduate study in Chinese Language Department and Chinese Business Culture Department.
4) 3 copies of the last diplomas(Chinese or English Translation with notarization);
5) 3 copies of the school reportsChinese or English Translation with notarization;
6)3 copies of the Health Certificate;
7)3 copies of the Passport .
1)Application: 200 CNY /person.
2)Tuition:(for undergraduates) 12000.00 CNY /person annually for humanity students and
14000.00 CNY /person annually for science students.
Single room
3,000 CNY
6,000 CNY
Double room
3,000 CNY
3,000 CNY
4)Insurance :
300 CNY /person for six months; 600 CNY/person /year
5)Textbooks: Subject to the major needs, different from college to college
6) Physical Examine: About 310 CNY/person
7) Residence Permit:
400 CNY/person(Within 11 months);
800 CNY/person(11 to 24 months);
1000 CNY/person(2 to 5 years)
Note: The costs above would subject to the actual payment.